How to find jobs abroad?

Despite the difficulties of traveling abroad created by the pandemic, people have the opportunity to find work abroad. There are vacancies abroad for those wishing to find a job without experience, for cleaners, laborers and married couples, drivers, movers, mechanics, builders, electricians, seamstresses, animators, representatives of the beauty industry, nurses, doctors, sales managers. The range of countries is wide and includes Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, the Baltic countries, Croatia, Egypt, and others.

Without experience

Offers without experience are concentrated in the following areas of activity: packers, sticker makers, greenhouse workers, cleaners, loaders. The main industries are manufacturing agriculture. The main requirement for applicants is excellent health, endurance, and the absence of bad habits. The profile of employers – enterprises is wide: the production of Christmas tree decorations, alcoholic beverages, chocolate, auto parts, glass products, confectionery, household appliances, furniture. In agriculture, workers are required for dairy and horse farms, for growing fruits, planting young forests, and collecting vegetables. The average payment is 6-9 euros per hour. There are especially many job offers in Poland.


At construction sites, masons, farmworkers, excavator operators, concrete workers, tilers, foremen are waiting. Skills and experience are important. Payment varies depending on qualifications, on average it is up to 6 euros per hour (for some professions, payment is calculated per square meter), for foremen – 12 euros per hour.

Medical staff

Doctors are actively invited by Poland, nurses, nurses, and nurses – Germany, Norway.

Cardiologists, pulmonologists, therapists, anesthesiologists are invited to mobile hospitals in Poland (treatment of patients with coronavirus). Nostrification is required, employers are ready to consider candidates after receiving copies of a diploma, work record book, and passport. Age – up to 60 years, experience – from 3 years. The payment is 35 – 45 euros per hour.

Requirements for nurses – secondary specialized education, minimum work experience. The average wage is 12 – 20 euros per hour.

Skilled professions

In European countries, qualified workers can only be counted on if you are fluent in English and/or the language of the respective country. At the same time, knowledge of Russian in many cases is considered an advantage if a vacancy is opened in an international company. Knowledge of a foreign language makes it possible to apply for the positions of a sales manager, seller, accountant, marketer, programmer. Salaries depend on the complexity of the tasks, the candidate’s experience, and the conditions of cooperation in a particular company.

For work in production, agriculture, construction – for auxiliary positions that do not require special education – the following are standard: 6-day working week, 8-12-hour work shift, if desired, the number of working hours can be increased. Accommodation is usually offered in a hostel at the employer’s expense; another option is renting housing for several employees or families. A significant part of the organizational costs of paperwork is borne by the employer or the intermediary organization involved in employment.


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